Happy Birthday to us….

Here we are again, the 30th June! Two years since we opened the doors to J’s Bouquets retail shop!

Today we are two years old!!!

This year has absolutely flown by and I can’t believe we are almost into July, it won’t be long until we are into the Christmas countdown!

When we opened two years ago we had no idea where the business would go, we wondered if anyone would come in in the first few weeks (which they did), we wondered if we would get repeat customers (which we did) and to look at us today… the calendar is bursting with upcoming weddings, with brides sometimes having to book early in order to get their wedding packages done by us. We have made hundreds and hundreds of beautiful sympathy tributes to send many loved ones off. We have completed orders from all over the World, from Canada, Australia and America to name but a few!

With hard work, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears we have established J’s Bouquets firmly as a top class florist on the Llyn Peninsula. With plenty more exciting new stock to soon hit the shelves we look forward eagerly to our next 12 months serving the people of Pwllheli and beyond.

Thank you once again to all our customers, no matter where in the World they may be, for supporting us and trusting us with your orders. So here’s to the next 12 months!

Judith x x x


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Is Summer here?…

It feels like its been an awfully long time since we had to switch on the air conditioner to keep the flowers cool, the winter seems to have gone on and on. In the last few weeks we have had some very cold weather and I just can’t wait for Summer to arrive. This week I have managed to shed one of my winter woolly jumpers (I am now down to just two!).

With Wedding season approaching  I got creative with my front window today, hmmmm I may even start a side line in dresses!! Its been great fun creating a dress out of flowers and chiffon. I hadn’t even finished putting the window together and I had viewers two deep trying to get a view! The power of a creative window is enormous.



So, if any of my brides want me to make their wedding dress as well as doing their flowers…. I have plenty of chiffon left!

Judith x x x x

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Loving tributes…

As promised I thought I would share with you some of the more unusual sympathy tributes I have done in the past few months. Some have been a real challenge to me, others have just taken a long time to do due to the way they are put together but all have been an expression of love from one person to another.

As always our deepest respect to those families who have lost a loved one and I hope I have done the tributes justice.

For those non football fans…this is a Tottenham Hotspur football scarf complete with tassels. The tassels were made with bear grass and carefully spray painted blue. As I myself am not a football follower I always take great care in asking the customer exactly what they want and I even go as far as finding something in the shop the exact colour that is required!


The colour issue was more imperative on this next design. An Aston Villa football fan who loved his guitars. Getting the colours just right on this tribute was tricky and this design was done over a couple of days to allow the paint to dry before more was added. As well as the guitar I was also tasked with making an Aston Villa football shirt. However, as the shirt was personalised with a name and number I will not be posting those pictures.



I love this tribute! Maybe because I am a rugby girl at heart…


This Shamrock was massive!! Gosh, it was so heavy when it was completed I could barely lift it. The sprig of flowers was done in County Kerry colours. A very different tribute I think you would agree.


And this one I think is beautiful. Constructed entirely on a cross of Cornus alba, so striking and so beautiful as a design.



And there we have just a selection of some of the work that J’s Bouquets can produce. Whatever your vision for your loved one, we can help that be realised.

Judith x x x



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Lonely bouquet…

As promised this week, here is the Lonely Bouquet all ready to leave the shop!

If you find it please adopt it and let us know where it ended up! Its somewhere on the Peninsula…happy hunting!

Judith x x

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I know, its been a while since I posted! Too long in fact but here we go tonight!

On Monday 25th January we celebrate Santes Dwynwen day, the Welsh patron saint of lovers! In preparation J’s Bouquets has been getting the shop all loved up! We have a loved up window that, due to the amount of work we have on at the moment, is a work in progress. I am hoping tomorrow I can finish the main design and then just add little bits here and there over the next few days eventually leading up to February 14th Valentines Day! We are taking orders now for both Santes Dwynwen and Valentines so ‘avoid the dog house’ and get your orders in now. We have beautiful long lasting red roses for your loved one, a range of alternative flowers (for those who don’t favour the rose) and gifts such as lovespoons. So whether it be a single red rose or a bouquet of a dozen red roses make sure you don’t miss out!

Sending you all lots of love!

Judith x x

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Lest we forget…

Over the last two days the window at the shop has been changed. All of the Halloween items were removed (with much sadness!) and in its place..the Armistice window.

poppy 1

poppy 2


In honour of all those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to enable us our freedom, we honour the fallen…

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I solemnly swear that i am up to no good….

So here I am tonight determined to cross a few things off my ‘to do’ list, writing my blog being one of them!

Since taking four days off from the shop to spend quality time with my family I have been inundated with work! Each day I have thought ‘I’ll do my shop window today’ and each night as I lock the door (sometimes gone ten o clock) I think ‘ I didn’t do my window!!’. Today… I did my window!

The Halloween window is one of my favourite windows of the year and throughout the month of October it evolves as I add more and more to it. I just cant help myself! This years theme is the epic fight between good and evil, between Harry Potter and Voldemort, about overcoming adversity and coming out stronger the other side. Very apt for what J’s Bouquets went through in April!. All the items in the window have been kindly donated to J’s Bouquets and therefore unfortunately are not for sale!

window 1 window 2

window 3 window 4

….Mischief Managed!

Like I previously mentioned I have been very busy. Out of respect the tributes that I have done this week will not be posted for a number of weeks. The shop has never been so full of flowers and when I left tonight I thought the shop looked beautiful. There are so many flowers of every colour and I really was struggling to find somewhere to put them all!!!

full 1 full 2 full 3

Floristry is not 9 to 5, sometimes you have to work every hour God sends to get through all the work. This week has been late nights and early starts but the quantity and quality of work that has left the shop has been second to none. As the business grows so does my pride in how far we have come as a family business. It has taken time, effort and sacrifice but I am happy, so happy!

Judith x x x

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Summer in Pwllheli…

Well as promised I have not left it too long since my last blog!

On Thursday I spent some of my afternoon off putting in a new shop window display. I went with ‘Summer in Pwllheli’. I love thinking up the designs and all the little aspects that go into putting the window together but more importantly I love the reaction a great window gets!

A front window is supposed to get people walking by to glance your way, to stop and physically turn their body to look at all the different aspects, to open your door and pass a comment about how lovely the window is, to come into the shop to look around and ultimately to buy something from the shop! This window has achieved it all!

Some why not come and join J’s Bouquets for a picnic with a festival feel in the glorious sunshine, with a Romany caravan to boot…

win1 win2 win3 win4 win5

Judith x x x

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Where does the time go…

It feels like an age since I last sat down to write a blog. The last few weeks have been, to put it simply,…crazy!!

J’s Bouquets, like many florists, has been inundated with work. It is the height of wedding season and we have had our fair share of weddings. I have not always had the time to stop and take portfolio shots (I really need to hire a photographer) but I have included a tiny snippet of pictures.

One of our most recent weddings was at Nant Gwrtheyrn, Llithfaen and I remembered to pack the camera when delivering the flowers!! For those of you who have never been to Nant G there is a rather hair raising drive down to what is now a Welsh Language Centre. It is one of those times when I pray my van brakes don’t fail!!

The bride and groom were tying the knot in the old chapel which now also houses a museum of the history of Nant G. I always feel a real peace whenever I am there, and I love the fact it is steeped in its own history. Apart from a walk on the beach, it is one of the few places I can truly relax. The views at Nant G are just breath taking and an enviable place to hold a wedding but it is also a great place to sit and have a cuppa and a cake after a hard week at work.


bucket 1

The gypsophilia weddings have been a trend for well over a year now and still holds strong with many brides. Gypsophilia fell out of favour as it was considered old fashioned, it is now a very popular choice for brides.

Buttonholes made of gypsophilia..



Incorporated into this wedding were large headed daisies and small headed daisies as well as ‘Peach Avalanche’ rose, light pink carnations, ammi and soft ruskus. The fragrance from this bouquet was divine!!


A table centre…

table centre

As always in the floristry world we have to deal with the sad occasions too. The celebration of a loved ones life is always dealt with with the upmost respect. It is not often I get to do pedestals and they are one of the designs I love doing!  However, over the period of a week, J’s Bouquets produced pedestal after pedestal design to place in churches and chapels all over the peninsula.


And just a few more designs when I actually had my camera to hand!



As well as the weddings and funerals J’s Bouquets has continued to be supported by our customers who are just truly amazing. Without our customers we would be nowhere and I just love the rapport I have with them all.

As always, Thank you to everyone who supports our business and I will try not to leave it so long until my next blog!!!

Judith x x

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One year over…

website header

One year since J’s Bouquets opened its doors for trading! The year has flown by and it took us a bit by surprise today to realise we were one year old!!

I have to say it has been a fantastic year, even with a forced relocation. The business has gone from strength to strength and we are extremely proud as a family to look back on what we have achieved. Over the year we have created countless designs, whether that be for a wedding or to say a last good bye to a loved one. We have met hundreds of customers, we have laughed with them, we have cried with them, and we are eternally grateful for all their support. In return we at J’s Bouquets promise to continue to strive to be a top quality florist in Pwllheli.

We look forward to the next twelve months with excitement!

Thank you x x x

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