Happy New Year…

Just to wish all our customers a happy and healthy 2018! We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and a great New Year. Thank you for all your continued support and we look forward to the year ahead.

Judith x x

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Llyn Peninsula hedgerows….

A very popular theme that I have found to be requested this year is the ‘wildflower’ look. This is especially true for the hand tied bouquets that go out. Mothers day in particular saw a vast number of ‘wildflower’ type bouquets being delivered all over the Peninsula and I have to admit, if I am given free reign (florists choice) on a bouquet it usually has a wildflower-thrown-together look! Maybe because that’s the type of bouquet I would like to receive!

I have found that this trend has branched across into sympathy tributes. The following tribute was completed with the following brief; to replicate the hedgerows of the Peninsula with a wildflower look…


On this tribute I positioned the gypsophilia slightly more out of the design than I normally would so that it replicated the white cow parsley that is so often seen in the hedgerows on the country lanes.

A similar tribute I did also had a wildflower look to it…

This tribute was a monster of a tribute. It had to be moved off my work counter while I finished it so I was able to walk all the way around it and view where more flowers needed to go. As for carrying it…that is where my husband came in as there was no way I could manoeuvre it by myself!

The above tribute is NOT a wildflower tribute as the loved one wanted a much more structured look. I have added this tribute to highlight the difference between the two styles. The use of the long aspidistra leaves in this tribute give a very structured look to the tribute whereas in a wildflower look tribute I would use soft ruskus to give the ‘wispy’ look to the design.

Once again the greatest of respect to all those who have lost a loved one and have asked J’s Bouquets to design tributes that are fitting.

Judith x x x

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Just something a little different….

At J’s Bouquets we are always on the look out for stock that is a little bit different. When I am looking at new lines of stock I always think ‘would I buy this?’. I would never stock anything in the shop that I myself would not buy and I am always on the look out for little gifts and (around Christmas time) stocking fillers.

I recently purchased some new lines and they are proving to be quite popular!


These fairy doors are perfect for in a youngsters bedroom. Just fix the fairy door to the skirting board and the fairies instantly have a way into the house when it is time to come and collect say a tooth!


Also available are Fairy Keys. These keys unlock any door allowing fairies easy access without having to struggle through double glazed windows!!

The Candy Skull range is very popular right now. These skulls are money boxes and are available in pink, blue and black.

We also have a range of fun gifts that, even though they are fridge magnets, they are the perfect size to slide into an envelope to go along with a bouquet! The slate markers are multi purpose. As well as using them in your garden they can also double up as name place markers at a wedding or party.

There are plenty of other gift ideas in the shop so do feel free to pop along and see what we stock!

Judith x x x

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Art area….

Since having the amazing pieces of art by Peter Mattinson on our walls we have ventured even further with supporting Peter and his works. We now stock several of his prints in various sizes as well as a selection of his prints on greetings cards. We now have a dedicated area in the shop for the artwork allowing customers to browse the pieces all in one place.


We also have Peter’s latest original piece entitled ‘Welcome to Wales/Croeso I Gymru’. As well as the original we also have prints in various sizes.


This painting has a real flavour of North Wales and its strong link with rugby. All I need now are my stepladders to get it mounted on the wall!

Feel free to come and browse through the artwork, it really is something a little bit different…

Judith x x x

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The season of peonies…

For only a short time each year the beautiful peony is out in force. My ultimate favourite is the pink Sarah Bernhardt peony. It arrives to me as a tight ball and once it begins to open its fragrance is divine!

The other day I had a very lucky recipient receiving a peony bouquet and it was a bouquet I could quite easily have kept for myself…

As well as the peonies it had scabiosa, alstromeria, gypsophilia and spray chrysanthemum ‘cello’. The fragrance from the bouquet as I was making it up was heavenly. Many people come into the shop and comment on how lovely the shop smells. Unfortunately I have gone nose blind to the fragrance of the flowers that I stock in the shop but when a flower comes into the shop that is not stocked on a regular basis I thankfully can enjoy its fragrance! It is a travesty that peonies have such a short season starting from mid May and running through to early July. If peonies are the dream flower for your wedding then make sure you book your wedding with the short season in mind!

Judith x x x

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Peter Mattinson…

J’s Bouquets has another announcement!

As we are always looking for ways to promote local buying, local work, local products we are thrilled to be teaming up with artist Peter Mattinson! Peter lives in Pwllheli and has a fabulous collection of paintings, some of which are currently on display on our walls. When Peter first approached me and I viewed his paintings I was delighted with what I saw. Peters paintings are right up my street!!

Monday saw us hang a selection of Peters work on the walls. These are available to buy if you so wish.

With J’s Bouquets having such a high ceiling it has left us with plenty of walls to fill. We currently have eleven pieces gracing our walls and I just love them! See for yourselves…

This one is titled ‘Storming home’

Storming Home

The top one is ‘The first race’ and the lower one is ‘A day on the Peninsula’


This painting is a textured painting and is titled ‘Fishing the caves’


This is ‘Run to the coast’


On the left its ‘Saturday at the Oyster bar’ and on the right ‘A midsummer dream’


From left to right: ‘A champagne moment’, The introduction’, ‘Flying into the sun’ and ‘Giorgios’


I do wish my photography skills were better (sorry Peter) but you get the idea!

Peter has a website http://www.petermattinsonartwork.co.uk and he can also be found on facebook.

I think you will agree with me that Peters artwork is very different and very captivating. Feel free to pop into the shop to browse them, they are wonderful!

Judith x x x

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A vintage summer…

So I am sat here huddled on a radiator writing my blog as I pray that Summer is just around the corner! (Did I mention I am not a Winter person at all!!).I hope that you all did not suffer too badly in the recent storms? Hopefully the worse is behind us.

It has been a busy time with Valentines day a few weeks ago and wedding consultations booking up the calendar. The calendar is looking pretty full at the moment and I have even had dates pencilled in for 2018!!

Yesterday I put my new Summer window in. It has been months of planning and prepping and a good four hours yesterday putting all the little pieces together but it is in!


We have a few new additions to J’s Bouquets which are modelling themselves in our current window. We have two beautiful vintage milk churns that lend themselves very usefully as pedestal stands, as they are right now in the window. These are available to be hired for any special occasion, with or without a floral design on them.

We also have a beautiful ‘My Fair Lady’ flower/candy cart! It really is a beauty. This is also available to be hired out and would be a fitting piece to any vintage wedding.


We have had a lot of fun playing around with scrabble blocks, from the monster ones hanging in the window to the little tiny ones on the window ledge.


I just love it when I get a window idea in my head and then later it becomes a reality. Ideas have to be big and bold with such a big window to fill but I love this window!


Don’t forget Mothers Day is just around the corner (26th March), the order book is now open so if you want to place an order just get in touch.

Here’s to a cracking Summer…

Judith x x x

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Supporting our troops…


J’s Bouquets is extremely proud to announce that we have joined the British Forces Discount scheme. We are offering a 10% discount on all products to those members. We have proudly added a link on our home page and we look forward to dealing with members of our British Forces.

Judith x x

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Gallery up and running…

Once again it has been a while since I last posted! I am making it my New Years resolution to blog more! So here goes…

Once again J’s Bouquets has been very busy and over the last few months has produced some more epic tributes. I also went through a camera and found some tributes I had not posted before so below is a selection..


Bingo Ball






Car and Caravan Set




Pink Floyd Tribute


Loved Ones Lorry


Loved Ones Bus


As always great respect to the families of those that have lost a loved one. I would like to mention that the teddy tribute was ordered for an adult. I would never feel it appropriate to put any tribute up on line that was for a child.

I have also spent time putting a gallery together on the website as a way to showcase some of the designs that we do. I always find it so hard to get a good shot of a tribute or any design for that matter as I am not a natural photographer, most times its a quick snap on my phone!



Over the last few months J’s Bouquets has also been advertising in new outlets. We are proud to feature in the Nant Gwrtheyrn Wedding brochure. As many of my blog readers will know I have always raved about how beautiful Nant G is and so when I was offered a chance to be in their wedding brochure I jumped at it! Below is the advert as featured in the brochure, an advert that I think captures the true essence of J’s Bouquets!

Nant G advert.jpg


We are also in the process of featuring in a magazine article but for now I am keeping that one under wraps. Once it is all signed, sealed and delivered I will be letting you all know about the feature!


We are now coming up to our second busiest time of the year, Santes Dwynwen (25th January) and Valentines Day (14th February) and the order book is already filling up. The window at the shop is all loved up and the beautiful long lasting red roses have been preordered and will be arriving in the shop just in time for both these romantic occasions. If you are looking for a long lasting and not stupidly priced bouquet for your Valentine then J’s Bouquets is the place for you!

Much love

Judith x x x

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New stock just in…

As a small business ourselves, here at J’s Bouquets we try to support small local businesses as much as we can. We are very excited to announce that we are now stocking locally produced candles. These candles are not made by a multinational firm but are made right here locally by a small business!

I personally tested these candles myself and wow was I impressed. The burn time on each candle in phenomenal and the aroma from the candles (even when unlit) is beautiful.

We are stocking a small selection of the candles that are available. We currently have four sizes and four fragrances.

Tower Candles:

Available in ‘Lily and Cotton Musk’ and ‘Cotton Comfy’

candle 4

Short Candles:

Available in ‘Cedar and Jasmine’, ‘Cassis and Mandarin’ and ‘Lily and Cotton Musk’

candle 3

Small Glass Candles:

Available in ‘Lily and Cotton Musk’, ‘Cassis and Mandarin’, ‘Cotton Comfy’ and ‘Cedar and Jasmine’

candles 1

Large Glass Candles:

Available in ‘Cotton Comfy’

candle 2


The prices range from £2.00 up to £7.50.

These are a great addition to add to any floral gift or as a stand alone gift and more importantly they are locally produced!!!

Judith x x




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