Small Business Saturday – a unique window…

J’s Bouquets takes great pride in our window displays whether that be our remembrance day window filled with poppies, our Halloween window filled with magic or our Christmas window filled with Christmassy loveliness. We always like to make an impression.

J’s Bouquets is extremely excited to be announcing that for Small Business Saturday on 1st December we are having THE most unique window ever! EVER!! We are having a live window which will feature local artist Pete Mattinson painting!

Pete will be working on some of his latest works and can be viewed from outside the shop! But don’t just stop there, come on in and chat to Pete. He will be happy to answer any questions. You can peruse Pete’s original artworks, his prints, his amazing sculpture titled ‘Eternal ocean’ and see his hand made dolls house. You can also commission Pete to paint for you so come along and see this fabulous window! Such a unique opportunity and all for Small Business Saturday.

Pete will be in the window from 9am until 6pm.

Don’t forget J’s Bouquets will be offering 10% off everything* in the shop and 10% off all weddings booked on Small Business Saturday (see previous posts for terms and conditions).

Pledge to shop small, shop local

Judith x x

*except any Pete Mattinson original artwork, prints, cards, sculptures or dolls houses

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