Llyn Peninsula hedgerows….

A very popular theme that I have found to be requested this year is the ‘wildflower’ look. This is especially true for the hand tied bouquets that go out. Mothers day in particular saw a vast number of ‘wildflower’ type bouquets being delivered all over the Peninsula and I have to admit, if I am given free reign (florists choice) on a bouquet it usually has a wildflower-thrown-together look! Maybe because that’s the type of bouquet I would like to receive!

I have found that this trend has branched across into sympathy tributes. The following tribute was completed with the following brief; to replicate the hedgerows of the Peninsula with a wildflower look…


On this tribute I positioned the gypsophilia slightly more out of the design than I normally would so that it replicated the white cow parsley that is so often seen in the hedgerows on the country lanes.

A similar tribute I did also had a wildflower look to it…

This tribute was a monster of a tribute. It had to be moved off my work counter while I finished it so I was able to walk all the way around it and view where more flowers needed to go. As for carrying it…that is where my husband came in as there was no way I could manoeuvre it by myself!

The above tribute is NOT a wildflower tribute as the loved one wanted a much more structured look. I have added this tribute to highlight the difference between the two styles. The use of the long aspidistra leaves in this tribute give a very structured look to the tribute whereas in a wildflower look tribute I would use soft ruskus to give the ‘wispy’ look to the design.

Once again the greatest of respect to all those who have lost a loved one and have asked J’s Bouquets to design tributes that are fitting.

Judith x x x

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