The season of peonies…

For only a short time each year the beautiful peony is out in force. My ultimate favourite is the pink Sarah Bernhardt peony. It arrives to me as a tight ball and once it begins to open its fragrance is divine!

The other day I had a very lucky recipient receiving a peony bouquet and it was a bouquet I could quite easily have kept for myself…

As well as the peonies it had scabiosa, alstromeria, gypsophilia and spray chrysanthemum ‘cello’. The fragrance from the bouquet as I was making it up was heavenly. Many people come into the shop and comment on how lovely the shop smells. Unfortunately I have gone nose blind to the fragrance of the flowers that I stock in the shop but when a flower comes into the shop that is not stocked on a regular basis I thankfully can enjoy its fragrance! It is a travesty that peonies have such a short season starting from mid May and running through to early July. If peonies are the dream flower for your wedding then make sure you book your wedding with the short season in mind!

Judith x x x

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