A vintage summer…

So I am sat here huddled on a radiator writing my blog as I pray that Summer is just around the corner! (Did I mention I am not a Winter person at all!!).I hope that you all did not suffer too badly in the recent storms? Hopefully the worse is behind us.

It has been a busy time with Valentines day a few weeks ago and wedding consultations booking up the calendar. The calendar is looking pretty full at the moment and I have even had dates pencilled in for 2018!!

Yesterday I put my new Summer window in. It has been months of planning and prepping and a good four hours yesterday putting all the little pieces together but it is in!


We have a few new additions to J’s Bouquets which are modelling themselves in our current window. We have two beautiful vintage milk churns that lend themselves very usefully as pedestal stands, as they are right now in the window. These are available to be hired for any special occasion, with or without a floral design on them.

We also have a beautiful ‘My Fair Lady’ flower/candy cart! It really is a beauty. This is also available to be hired out and would be a fitting piece to any vintage wedding.


We have had a lot of fun playing around with scrabble blocks, from the monster ones hanging in the window to the little tiny ones on the window ledge.


I just love it when I get a window idea in my head and then later it becomes a reality. Ideas have to be big and bold with such a big window to fill but I love this window!


Don’t forget Mothers Day is just around the corner (26th March), the order book is now open so if you want to place an order just get in touch.

Here’s to a cracking Summer…

Judith x x x

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