Is Summer here?…

It feels like its been an awfully long time since we had to switch on the air conditioner to keep the flowers cool, the winter seems to have gone on and on. In the last few weeks we have had some very cold weather and I just can’t wait for Summer to arrive. This week I have managed to shed one of my winter woolly jumpers (I am now down to just two!).

With Wedding season approaching  I got creative with my front window today, hmmmm I may even start a side line in dresses!! Its been great fun creating a dress out of flowers and chiffon. I hadn’t even finished putting the window together and I had viewers two deep trying to get a view! The power of a creative window is enormous.



So, if any of my brides want me to make their wedding dress as well as doing their flowers…. I have plenty of chiffon left!

Judith x x x x

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