Loving tributes…

As promised I thought I would share with you some of the more unusual sympathy tributes I have done in the past few months. Some have been a real challenge to me, others have just taken a long time to do due to the way they are put together but all have been an expression of love from one person to another.

As always our deepest respect to those families who have lost a loved one and I hope I have done the tributes justice.

For those non football fans…this is a Tottenham Hotspur football scarf complete with tassels. The tassels were made with bear grass and carefully spray painted blue. As I myself am not a football follower I always take great care in asking the customer exactly what they want and I even go as far as finding something in the shop the exact colour that is required!


The colour issue was more imperative on this next design. An Aston Villa football fan who loved his guitars. Getting the colours just right on this tribute was tricky and this design was done over a couple of days to allow the paint to dry before more was added. As well as the guitar I was also tasked with making an Aston Villa football shirt. However, as the shirt was personalised with a name and number I will not be posting those pictures.



I love this tribute! Maybe because I am a rugby girl at heart…


This Shamrock was massive!! Gosh, it was so heavy when it was completed I could barely lift it. The sprig of flowers was done in County Kerry colours. A very different tribute I think you would agree.


And this one I think is beautiful. Constructed entirely on a cross of Cornus alba, so striking and so beautiful as a design.



And there we have just a selection of some of the work that J’s Bouquets can produce. Whatever your vision for your loved one, we can help that be realised.

Judith x x x



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