I solemnly swear that i am up to no good….

So here I am tonight determined to cross a few things off my ‘to do’ list, writing my blog being one of them!

Since taking four days off from the shop to spend quality time with my family I have been inundated with work! Each day I have thought ‘I’ll do my shop window today’ and each night as I lock the door (sometimes gone ten o clock) I think ‘ I didn’t do my window!!’. Today… I did my window!

The Halloween window is one of my favourite windows of the year and throughout the month of October it evolves as I add more and more to it. I just cant help myself! This years theme is the epic fight between good and evil, between Harry Potter and Voldemort, about overcoming adversity and coming out stronger the other side. Very apt for what J’s Bouquets went through in April!. All the items in the window have been kindly donated to J’s Bouquets and therefore unfortunately are not for sale!

window 1 window 2

window 3 window 4

….Mischief Managed!

Like I previously mentioned I have been very busy. Out of respect the tributes that I have done this week will not be posted for a number of weeks. The shop has never been so full of flowers and when I left tonight I thought the shop looked beautiful. There are so many flowers of every colour and I really was struggling to find somewhere to put them all!!!

full 1 full 2 full 3

Floristry is not 9 to 5, sometimes you have to work every hour God sends to get through all the work. This week has been late nights and early starts but the quantity and quality of work that has left the shop has been second to none. As the business grows so does my pride in how far we have come as a family business. It has taken time, effort and sacrifice but I am happy, so happy!

Judith x x x

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