What makes a good florist?

A good florist should not only know the ins-and-outs of the flower industry, they must also know the business side of it. J’s Bouquets specializes in both. We care for your needs so we choose only the best to work with us.

When you call a florist you found on the internet, the shop is aware that you might be in another county or even country and most probably won’t be able to see the flowers. This is why we tell people to trust their feelings to us. We guarantee to take all your needs into consideration. We follow the strictest and highest quality standards as well as timely delivery of the freshest flowers, and have been tested many times in the past.

A professional florists also knows the concerns of our consumers. We start by helping you through the process of deciding what you want. We’ll guide you along as you choose the perfect arrangement suited for your budget. Being a real florists, we have a good idea of which flowers go best with what, what types and colours of flowers work well for a particular occasion, how much they are and what flowers are in season. Most importantly, however, we have a keen sense of the feelings and emotions you might want to convey through the flowers.

Our shop can be considered a haven in this busy world of hours, with its bright, cheerful environment and friendly staff to answer your concerns.

We only want the best for our customers so we constantly strive to make the service more efficient and your experience easier and more comfortable.

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