Not your average tribute…

As promised the photos of some of the more unusual sympathy tributes I have created over the last few weeks.

This tribute was for an RAF veteran, very patriotic…

raf 1

raf 2

Who also loved his rugby!!

rugby ball 1

rugby ball 3

The ‘grass’ took the most time to complete as I used tree fern and in its nature it is not very thick. I wanted the grass to look lush so a lot of tree fern was used and each stem was individually pushed into the base.

These next tributes were for a very recent funeral. The casket spray, I have to say, is probably one of the most beautiful designs I have ever done. The loved ones that chose this design did not want any thing ‘old’ or ‘too traditional’. It was to be a colourful celebration of life without being disrespectful. I think you will agree it is stunning…

ammi 3



ammi 4

ammi 2

I added the flowers at different heights to give it depth. There were so many textures used from Veronica, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Ammi (also known as Lace flower) and gypsophilia to name a few. A very different style of casket spray.

For this funeral I was also asked to create a unique tribute. My brief was ‘a pair of gold high heeled shoes’. This design was totally created from using just three blocks of oasis and really challenged me but I think I did the design justice!

shoes 1 shoes 2

The oasis shoes were covered with ruskus leaves individually pinned on and spray painted. The shoes are standing on a bed of gypsophilia.

As always, utmost respect to all the friends and families who have lost loved ones and who come to me to create tributes for their loved ones. It is always lovely to be trusted to create designs that are fitting to that person. I hope I do them all justice…

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